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Despite the pandemic, which has curtailed new and existing volunteering activity and restricted the opportunities to engage our volunteer force, a number of traditional and emergency volunteer-led provisions have continued to operate despite the extra precautions in place.

Throughout lockdown, our team of volunteers, trained as Appropriate Adults to provide emotional support to young people and vulnerable adults in custody, have continued to respond to call-outs. A team of 20 + volunteers continued to provide nearly 2,500 hours of support in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire throughout the pandemic.

In response to those living in food poverty being unable to access our Pantry, we mobilised a volunteer team to ensure that food was able to reach them. Responding to our call to arms, we recruited and redeployed volunteers to assist within our HQ to receive and sort donations, prepare them for delivery and operate a fleet of vehicles to make sure the food arrived to those who needed it.

As in previous years, our Hamper Scamper Christmas Appeal was dependent on the efforts of volunteers drawn from all corners of the community. Employer supported volunteering plays a pivotal role in Hamper Scamper, and we welcomed volunteers from our key community business partners to aid in the production line of raising and coordinating the donation of 1953 food hampers and 202- gifts to be dispatched to individuals and families struggling to make ends meet over the festive period. Ultimately, 330 volunteers donated 1,363 hours of support to Hamper Scamper.

Students Placements

We continue to be well placed to take part in the mutual benefit of hosting social work students on placement within CCP services. Covid has restricted the number of placement opportunities available to students, which is a compulsory component of their qualification. We responded by increasing the number of placements we were able to host, working with universities across our localities to continue to offer world-class placement opportunities to social work students of the future. In return, we benefitted from the 16,800 hours of time, input, and impact of 32 students practicing within CCP, sharing their knowledge and learning with staff and clients alike

Our combined volunteering and student placement hours for the year were 21,605.

Living Wage Employer

CCP believes that a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay. That’s why we have been striving towards aligning our pay with the ‘Real Living Wage’ as set by the Living Wage Foundation. This rate is set independently from the Government’s ‘Living Wage’ and represents an independent evaluation of the salary required to be able to meet the financial needs of everyday life, as well as luxuries and emergencies.

We are delighted to now be an accredited Real Living Wage employer, with all of our salaries and pay were set at the Real Living Wage as a minimum, joining the pledge made by only 7000 other employers nationally.

Green Impact

Green Impact is a sustainability accreditation scheme with an awards element designed for participating organisations. Green Impact is a United Nations award-winning program designed to support environmentally and socially sustainable practices within organisations. This can mean anything from communicating recycling systems to committing to go Fairtrade; from supporting team health and well-being campaigns to working towards carbon-neutrality.

Based on proven behavior change models, its flexible approach means it can be tailored to meet each organisation’s unique needs. Green Impact has worked with over 450 organisations, from universities to hospitals, museums, and local councils. Green impact provides the toolkit and guidance to change our organisation for the better.