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Welcome to our 2020-2021 Annual Impact Report. This site showcases the people CCP have helped over the last year, how we helped them, and how we allocated our resources. We take a look back at a year unlike any other, we highlight the contribution made by our superb team of staff and volunteers, we describe how we deliver social value, and we give some initial insight into our future plans.

Despite the immense impact of COVID 19, the support given to us by businesses, organisations and partners has been immense. This is why now, more than ever, we are delighted to feature many of them in this report, highlighting the support they give to CCP. We hope you find this report to be of interest and if you would like any more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

I am tremendously proud of the entire CCP team who ensured there was no significant disruption in any part of the charity throughout a year unlike any other, and wish to thank our partners, stakeholders and the inspiring business community who have added so much value to our work.


Accommodation Based Support

Providing supportive environments for people who are vulnerable, homeless or are still developing their independent living skills. We provide a range of services for care leavers, young people aged 16 to 25, and adults. We work with people to develop co-produced action plans which help them transition from supported accommodation to independent living and develop the skills they need to become self-reliant.

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Community Based Support

Delivering short term support that builds on people's existing strengths to help them develop the skills to become self-reliant and resilient, and live independently in the long term. We support people to remain in their homes, reduce debt, manage their money, build social networks to avoid isolation, access education, training, employment or volunteering opportunities, and improve their overall health and wellbeing.

968 People Accessed Homeless Prevention Services
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Employee Engagement

CCP applies the same principles to its staff as it does to the communities it serves: people come first.

During a year of unprecedented growth against a backdrop of turmoil, 2020-21 saw our biggest wholesale investment in staff engagement, placing us again at ‘Gold’ standard by Investors in People.

We have become a Real Living Wage Foundation employer to ensure we pay a fair wage to all staff.

We listened to staff and introduced a life insurance policy, as well as upgrading our subscription to Perkbox to enable greater access to perks and discounts, and renewing our healthcare package to ease out-of-pocket medical expenses for staff.

A Training Coordinator was hired to innovate training pathways across the organisation; fast tracking talent into management or to develop further as subject matter experts.

Managing the isolation of lockdown and its effects on staff has been a priority. We have invested in a Workplace Welfare Manager to coordinate our Health and Well-being Strategy and bring together a Steering Group of representatives from each service.

70% of our staff continued to deliver front line services through lockdown as key workers. We delivered to each a ‘Hug in a Box’ care package and held ‘Covid Stars’ awards to acknowledge those who had gone above and beyond during lockdown.

We launched the Diversity & Inclusion Action Group comprising representatives from each department to oversee and monitor our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and were placed in the top 100 most inclusive employers in the UK by the National Centre for Diversity.

Without the administration team the front line wouldn’t be able to operate. They are the unsung heroes of CCP.

Cordell Ray, Chief Executive Officer


Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Building on strong credentials in inclusive work practices, resulting in twice being recognised in the top 100 most inclusive employers in the UK by National Centre for Diversity (2019, 2020) we have launched our Diversity Inclusion and Action Group (DIAG) to oversee the next stages of our Diversity and Inclusion strategy.

Drawn from representatives from across the charity and operating under the auspices of our Statement of Intent, the DIAG meets frequently to review, discuss and deliver on our commitment to the principles of FREDIE (Fairness, Respect, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement.) Further, we have invited the support of an established Diversity and Inclusion consultant, Fiona Jackson, to advise and guide us through the next stages of our D&I programme.

CCP is committed to understanding how to become a diverse and inclusive employer, as they recognise the importance of being able to represent the communities they serve and want to create an inclusive environment for all their employees and volunteers. It's a pleasure to be working with CCP on their journey to help them achieve their goals.

Fiona Jackson, Fiona Jackson Consulting

Social Values

Social Value is the additional positive impact on local people, local communities, local economies, and the environment, that we aim to deliver as a result of receiving public money to provide services. Here are some of the ways we have delivered social value in the last year.


CCP has a considerable volunteer infrastructure with around 190 volunteers. Our volunteers are fully trained to the same standards as paid staff, and fully integrated with staff teams. Through volunteering, we build local skills, local capacity and local resilience in communities across the counties in which we operate.We also give our paid staff up to three Employer Supported Volunteering days per year which they can use to support other local charities and good causes of their choice.

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Living Wage Employer

CCP is proud to be an accredited Living Wage Employer. This means that we go a step further than the national minimum wage and pay all of our staff at least the real living wage, which is based on the true cost of living, regardless of age.

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Student Placements

We operate a thriving student placement programme and coordinate 70 day work placements for Social Work and Health & Social Care students from the Universities of Gloucestershire, West of England, Bristol, Worcestershire and Bournemouth, overseen by qualified Practice Educators. Students are allocated to work alongside experienced staff in all our services, bringing enthusiasm, new skills and knowledge, while gaining the practical work experience needed to complete their courses.

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Green Impact

CCP holds a Green Impact award for environmental and sustainability action. We contribute to environmental awareness and waste reduction by providing segregated recycling and composting bins at all our sites, fitting low energy lighting, and reducing travel by using technology such as video calling to support people where possible. People using our community and supported accommodation-based services are taught and encouraged to recycle to lead greener lifestyles.

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