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Family Based Support

CCP’s Family Service provides both preventative early help and intensive bespoke family support interventions to children, young people and their families. We enable families to make positive changes to ensure families are resilient and connected to their wider community. We do this through strength-based whole family support, Positive Parenting training and community support groups. We support family members to:

  • Reduce chaotic lifestyles and establish routines such as breakfast before school, homework, reasonable bedtimes, time for parents to relax
  • Adopt healthy lifestyles and improve their emotional and physical wellbeing
  • Improve relationships between family members, parents and children
  • Manage children’s behaviour and antisocial behaviour
  • Implement evidence-based parenting skills
  • Recognise the value of positive play and attachment
  • Understand the process and have their voices heard in child protection cases
  • Access wider services and engage in community-based activities and peer support groups

In the last year we provided direct support and intervention to 689 families, 144 families attended positive parenting training courses, and we advocated on behalf of 145 families subject to child protection proceedings, making a total of 978 families supported.

Early Help Family Support

We have delivered a wide range of family support services across all tiers of need, including:

  • Parenting skills (Webster-Stratton, Triple P, Time Out and Solihull Approach), delivered on a 1-2-1 and group basis
  • Intensive family support: specialist provision for the most challenging and hard-to-engage families with multiple complex needs including behavioural difficulties and anger management
  • Family relationships mediation to repair broken relationships between parents and children
  • Family mentoring to improve confidence, self-esteem and skills
  • Family management and coping strategies: providing practical and emotional support to families to take control of their daily routines including personal hygiene, personal presentation and home life
  • School attendance support, working in partnership with schools and parents to provide a better outcome for children at risk of exclusion
  • Family advocacy to support parents and children through child protection proceedings and ensure their rights are upheld


Rather than just delivering contracted services, CCP works in partnership with service commissioners to create high quality, flexible services that maximise the use of available resources by establishing longer-term, more integrated relationships that are responsive to emerging needs and develop over time to provide better outcomes for vulnerable people.

By taking a partnership approach, CCP makes a commitment to:

  • Share key objectives and work towards agreed outcomes
  • Maintain regular open, honest and constructive communication
  • Work collaboratively and understand each other’s point of view
  • Identifying trends in areas of need and working collaboratively to overcome these difficulties.
  • Share relevant information in line with the Data Protection Act 2018
  • Avoid duplication of services
  • Monitor performance and resolve any conflicts quickly and constructively
  • Deliver continuous improvement by working with commissioners to get the most out of the resources available and by finding better, more efficient ways of doing things
  • Promote the partnership approach at all levels, for example, through joint training, joint team meetings and shadowing opportunities
  • Deliver services which are flexible enough to reflect changing needs, priorities and lessons learned, whilst encouraging service user participation and equality

Business Partners

Our partnerships with local businesses and employers bring many benefits to the charity and the people we serve, whilst facilitating businesses to give something back to their local communities and meet their Corporate Social Responsibility commitments. Nowhere is this more visible than through our annual Hamper Scamper Christmas appeal, which saw over 100 businesses mobilise to collect and donate food and gifts to vulnerable people across all of our service geographies.

We offer many other opportunities for business engagement, including:

  • Fundraising to support local communities and services
  • Skill sharing to support the infrastructure of the charity
  • Work experience placements and mock interviews for service users to support their employability
  • Employer-supported volunteering – mobilising resources to undertake projects such as home makeovers for families living in poor quality accommodation
  • Support for events, appeals and emergencies, for example, by providing vehicles and drivers to deliver food parcels to vulnerable people during lockdown
Volunteers packing boxes with toys and crafts

What People Say

CCP have given us practical tools to better understand our children’s needs and how to support them. It has also provided a space to ‘offload’ and also to reflect. As the weeks progressed the reflections on the previous week became more positive.
Thanks to assistance from CCP, I am now being supported by the school for an ADHD diagnosis and they are working with E around emotions. We have new rules that E is becoming more familiar with and a lot more control at home. I am aware I will wait a long time for a diagnosis, but I am happy people can see what I do, so I finally think I will get there for him.
I have a routine to base off now every evening and the kids like the reward chart, they are competitive and want to do better than each other. I am going to push the school more to make sure they are doing their job for the kids.
D is being supported at school and I know that if I have any concerns I can ring them directly and get things sorted. The girls are so much happier, we have been doing more things together and it is so positive at home, they are finally talking and acting like sisters again. I know this is not going to be easy but if we can keep things up I feel like it will be the 3 of us against the world again.
Life is now much better. We have been supported with transitioning to school and have been using the strategies provided to help in various situations. In the future we want to make sure A is getting the correct support, and make sure B and C also get good transitions and support.
CCP has helped me and my son to deal with the challenges of dealing with parenting from two different houses and it has also helped my son to manage his feelings with regards to living in separate homes. My life is a lot happier and less stressful as my kids are happier in themselves which makes me happy.