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The Isbourne

The Isbourne is Gloucestershire’s leading wellbeing charity. Founded in 1995, we offer affordable and accessible classes, courses and workshops for the mind, body and soul. We work with tutors and practitioners to bring wellbeing support to everyone, including businesses through our Workplace Wellbeing programmes and the most vulnerable in our community through our Outreach initiatives. All our tutors and therapists are fully insured and complete an affiliation process to work with the Isbourne.


We are delighted to have welcomed so many CCP clients through our doors particularly during these unprecedented times. It’s pleasing to be an integral part of an organisation dedicated to supporting the clientele of another remarkable community based organisation.
We are incredibly grateful to CCP for recommending The Isbourne Foundation services and for being a vital referral link between their clients and our holistic wellbeing initiatives.
Feedback from CCP’s Community Wellbeing Service team rate our mental health wellbeing courses as being an excellent fit for the needs of their clients. This has also been recognised by CCP’s clients themselves as many have attended multiple courses, then made requests for more and progressed on to our regular classes. The Isbourne will continue to provide much needed holistic wellbeing services going forward, having a positive impact on many more CCP clients in the future.

Joanna Hill, Trustee & General Manager

How did you come across CCP?

CCP and The Isbourne Foundation have a longstanding connection as both charities were founded by Michael Ratcliffe MBE.
Michael, who today is still Chair, founded The Isbourne Foundation with an objective to provide holistic wellbeing for CCP’s clients.
Since those early days, the relationship has developed organically with CCP benefitting from the vast array of wellbeing activities on offer at the Centre and regularly using The Isbourne Centre facilities to deliver staff training and host meetings.
The Isbourne’s Community Wellbeing Outreach initiatives are now a recognised part of CCP’s Community Wellbeing Service which notably enhances their offer to their clients.
In addition, The Isbourne works closely with CCP to quality endorse aspects of their staff training packages through the Isbourne’s awarding body Open College Network West Midlands.

Describe how you have supported CCP in 2020-21

The Isbourne provided many holistic wellbeing courses for CCP’s Community Wellbeing Service (CWS) clients. Working closely with the CWS team, courses have been tailored specifically to meet the needs of the vulnerable members of society who seek their support.
These courses were delivered by The Isbourne’s affiliated tutors on topics including Meditation & Mindfulness, EFT (tapping), Nutrition, Sleep, Mind-set & Positive Change and Dance & Movement. This was provided with the long term aim to equip clients with skills, tools and resources to empower them to lead happier, healthier and more positive lives.
During the pandemic, with social isolation being a major factor for many of CCP’s clients who live with a range of challenges from anxiety, depression to financial difficulties, The Isbourne offered their in-house courses at its centre in Cheltenham. CCP clients were able to attend these courses in a safe, calm and relaxing environment, maximising the wellbeing benefits.