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RockWealth is an award-winning, chartered and certified financial planning firm.
With offices in Cheltenham, Cardiff, Norwich, Leamington Spa, Cheshire and Brighton, we serve clients across the UK.

We aim to give everyone the information they need to make better financial decisions.

We also work with the trustees of charities and pension funds.


At a time when businesses and individuals have been suffering from the economic fall out of Covid, we wanted to play our part in making a contribution for the benefit society. As a business we believe in the importance of engaging in the important issues of our time, namely the climate and societal issues.

Tim Horrocks | Managing Partner

How did you come across CCP?

We have known of CCP for a number of years, making contributions to the excellent ‘Hamper Scamper’ event for many years now.

Describe how you have supported CCP in 2020-21

We have made named CCP as our corporate charity, which for us involves making a regular monthly contribution to help CCP with the important work they do. We have also referred CCP as the charity of choice for personal fundraising events.