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Pennant International Limited

Pennant International Group plc was established over 60 years ago and is a leading provider of training technology and integrated product support solutions. The Group operates worldwide, with offices in Europe, North America and Australasia.

Our markets include Defence, Aerospace, Rail and Safety Critical Industries.

Our capabilities encompass the conversion of full-size aircraft into training tools, immersive virtual reality experiences, small devices to improve hand skills, interactive 3D courseware and software tools to record, manage and analyse vast amounts of technical equipment data. Plus software which enables high-quality technical documents to be created, published and dynamically updated.


“Pennant have been involved in the Hamper Scamper appeal for a few years now and it’s a delight to see so many donations from our employees, it certainly highlights the generosity of those near the festive period. We are pleased that we can support a local Charity to our HQ and make a Christmas a little easier from those who benefit from the excellent service and support CCP provides”.

Jacqui Chapman - Head of Sales and Technical Services

How did you come across CCP?

We have taken part previously through the suggestions of employees over previous years highlighting the different events / fundraisers / opportunity to support CCP.

Describe how you have supported CCP in 2020-21

The Hamper Scamper Scheme. We asked our Cheltenham site to get involved in this and donate what they could.