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Gloucestershire County Council

“To make the most of all that Gloucestershire has to offer, help improve the quality of life for every community, support businesses to be successful and make sure the county is a place where people want to live, work and visit.”

You can view our document Gloucestershire Looking to the Future 2019-22 here.


I value my relationship with CCP because they are always receptive to constructive feedback and willing to innovate. At the heart of their organisation are people - whether it is their staff, their volunteers, service users or members of the community.

Di Billingham, Head of Commissioning (voluntary and community partnerships)

CCP mobilised and began operation of the Community Based Support service at a particularly difficult time, we could not have anticipated beginning this contract during a global pandemic but CCP rose to the challenge. This involved the large task of providing a seamless continuation of the existing CBS service while inducting a large cohort of staff and residents to a new organisation. The past year has not been without its hurdles but I am confident in CCP’s ability to operate this service and I look forward to our partnership and the development of this service post-COVID.

Mohammed Bhula - Commissioner - Gloucestershire County Council

Describe your partnership with CCP and how they support your organisation

Our relationship with CCP is a mature and deep one having worked together for a number of years. I work directly with them as the Commissioner for the Community Wellbeing Service and the Know Your Patch Network for Tewkesbury. They are active partners and always willing to innovate and trial new ways of working. They are a leader in the field of social prescribing and support planning and are respected across the Health and Care Sector.

Di Billingham, Head of Commissioning (voluntary and community partnerships)

CCP operate a number of services under our Community and Accommodation Based Support Framework. This includes a large Community Based Support Service operating in half of the County (Gloucester, Forest of Dean and Tewkesbury) and a number of 16+ Accommodation Based support services.

Mohammed Bhula – Commissioner – Gloucestershire County Council