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Circle2Success is a business club that supports business leaders across the UK to achieve their business goals, be better connected and better informed. A premium leader network that operates on-line and in-person, developed for business leaders who want continued learning and development, business support, business advice, connect and engage within a proactive and forward- thinking business community.
We support the business community through difficult times and business challenges. In response to the current crisis, we have transformed our business to bring you a fully digital business support service offering many benefits, features, useful online weekly events as well as maintaining our in-person/live events in the South West. Being part of a community also means being proactive and supporting local; regional and national Charities that have an impact in our communities. We activity promote the good works of our members and raise the awareness of of Charity members.


We are very proud to work with the team at CCP. We particularly love that the focus is on giving people a lift up and changing lives. For example The Pantry is a fantastic resource giving people the opportunity to shop, to choose what they want to buy and eat and also provides much needed social interaction preventing some of the issues arising out of isolation and loneliness.

Suzanne Hall-Gibbins & Angela Edwards - Directors

How did you come across CCP?

We have worked with CCP for over 5 years and have participated in many of the fund raising activities that Cordell and the team have arranged. From jumping off Eagle Tower to sleeping rough and running in the Cheltenham Challenge. We look forward to being able to continue to support the work of the charity as lockdown eases and we can bring people together.

Describe how you have supported CCP in 2020-21

C2S have collected food all the way through the pandemic and dropped off regularly to the CCP offices. We have raised the profile of the work the charity does to encourage people to donate money and food.