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Cheltenham Central Primary Care Network

The Cheltenham Central PCN believes in sharing resources and expertise, supporting best practice in care and efficiency, and balancing patient care with the welfare and happiness of our staff. Our vision is for our six member practices to develop the highest quality of care and be supported in delivering services. For our patients, we strive for more time, shorter waits and a continuity of care. Finally, we seek to develop a reasonable partnership between Patient and Practice, whereby the patient contributes to their improved health by working together with the most appropriate staff for their needs.

Social Prescribing saves numerous GP appointments and supports patients to take better control of their physical and mental wellbeing.

Kayleigh Moore - Primary Care Network Manager

Describe your partnership with CCP and how they support your organisation

Our contract with the CCP delivers 3 full time Social Prescribing Link Workers for Adults, and two Social Prescribing Link Workers for Children and Young People (sharing 1WTE). Their role is to receive referrals from any practice staff for patients who are seeking help with non-medical issues, or would benefit from the service in addition to more clinical input. They facilitate collaborative working with other organisations, including schools, charities and the local Council, and have knowledge and access to resources beyond Primary Care. CCP provide the HR management, training and working space for these invaluable members of staff.