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968 People Accessed Homeless Prevention Services

Based Support

CCP’s Accommodation Based Support (ABS) services provide supportive environments for people who are vulnerable, homeless or who are still developing their independent living skills. We provide a range of services for care leavers, young people aged 16 to 25, and adults. We work with people to develop co-produced action plans which help them to:

  • Build on their individual strengths
  • Develop the skills they need to become self-reliant
  • Sustain accommodation and tenancies
  • Rebuild relationships with family members
  • Link with wider community support networks
  • Make a smooth transition between supported accommodation and independent living

The accommodation we manage ranges from houses and flats suitable for 1 to 3 people, up to larger sites accommodating 20+ people in individual and shared self-contained units. Accommodation is a mix of CCP-owned, leased, or operated under a management agreement.

Covid-19 Response

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we provided accommodation and support to 70 homeless individuals in the county of Worcestershire, as part of the Government’s “Everyone In” campaign. Worcester City Council commissioned CCP to provide 24/7 support utilising the Fownes Hotel in Worcester as the accommodation.

The project began on the 3rd of April 2020 by supporting 32 entrenched rough sleepers. By mid-May, the hotel was at capacity and housing 56 people. The accommodation included a 3-course evening meal, laundry services, housekeeping, and the provision of a secure outside space.

We have received positive media coverage of the project including interviews with staff on BBC Radio Hereford & Worcestershire, The Worcester News, The Washington Post (USA), and latterly both Midlands today and BBC Points West following an interview with the leader of Labour Party, Sir Keir Starmer.

What people say

After spending 18 months with CCP, I’m happy to say how amazing the support staff are. I was sure they would give up on me like most services but they didn’t and helped me to keep on fighting. The strength and resilience of the staff is brilliant and thanks to them I was more than ready for independence. I am so grateful for CCP and wish them the best in the future.
I think that all staff are lovely and have made me feel very comfortable. I appreciate staff for coming to support me during COVID-19 as they are putting themselves at risk for my benefit. Well done everyone!
Roxy and Alex have been amazing. Both very supportive ladies, straight to the point and try to get things sorted right away. They’re both very proactive and lovely people to have around. Massive thanks to both of them. Great team members and always looking forward to seeing them.
At first I just wanted to be housed and was annoyed at staff keep asking me if I was okay but I think the staff that gave me space, helped a lot. They didn’t back off completely but gave me time to settle in and reminded me that they were there for me. When I was ready to accept help they encouraged me to get involved with activities and I started to work with them to get a better life. Thank you CCP for all your hard work. I know I wasn’t easy to work with at first but I am glad you didn’t give up on me.
The staff are so friendly, they were always smiling, and I could joke around with them. But they also explained where to go for help, they sorted out my benefits so that I could live a bit better and the food parcels we had were excellent because it was a variety of foods so sometimes you didn’t need to buy a lot of shopping, just the odd thing or two to make it a nice meal. Thank you to everyone for everything. You really have changed my life.
The staff have been fantastic, they couldn’t have done better. I’ve been here and they’ve looked after me and kept me safe. They were really here for us. Everybody has made such a difference to my life. It makes me think that perhaps I could go on and help somebody.


Rather than just delivering contracted services, CCP works in partnership with service commissioners to create high quality, flexible, services that maximise the use of available resources by establishing longer-term, more integrated relationships that are responsive to emerging needs and develop over time to provide better outcomes for vulnerable people.

By taking a partnership approach, CCP makes a commitment to:

  • Share key objectives and work towards agreed outcomes
  • Maintain regular open, honest and constructive communication
  • Work collaboratively and understanding each other’s point of view
  • Share relevant information in line with the Data Protection Act 2018
  • Avoid duplication of services
  • Monitor performance and resolve any conflicts quickly and constructively
  • Deliver continuous improvement by working with commissioners to get the most out of the resources available and by finding better, more efficient ways of doing things
  • Promote the partnership approach at all levels, for example, through joint training, joint team meetings and shadowing opportunities
  • Deliver services which are flexible enough to reflect changing needs, priorities and lessons learned, whilst encouraging service user participation and equality

Business Partners

Our partnerships with local businesses and employers bring many benefits to the charity and the people we serve, whilst facilitating businesses to give something back to their local communities and meet their Corporate Social Responsibility commitments. Nowhere is this more visible than through our annual Hamper Scamper Christmas appeal, which saw over 100 businesses mobilise to collect and donate food and gifts to vulnerable people across all of our service geographies.

We offer many other opportunities for business engagement, including:

  • Fundraising to support local communities and services
  • Skill sharing to support the infrastructure of the charity
  • Work experience placements and mock interviews for service users to support their employability
  • Employer-supported volunteering – mobilising resources to undertake projects such as home makeovers for families living in poor quality accommodation
  • Support for events, appeals and emergencies, for example, by providing vehicles and drivers to deliver food parcels to vulnerable people during lockdown