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Swindon Borough Council

Current Needs:
• Emergency placements (including placements for older children aged 12+, Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children and remand/PACE beds)
• Local foster care placements (all ages – short term, long term and respite care)
• Local residential children’s homes – a local cluster of solo and small home provision (for teenagers, with the ability for “Staying Close” once they leave care)
• Provision for speciality placements for children & young people with:
1. Challenging, emotional, criminal or self-harm behaviours
2. Children at risk of exploitation (criminal and/or sexual)
3. Young People who repeatedly go missing from care
• Residential short breaks provision for children with disabilities
• Supported or semi-Independent accommodation provision, in affordable shared living arrangements, with a program to support transition into independent living.
• Affordable lodgings / independent accommodation for care leavers with low incomes.

" Both CCP and Swindon Borough Council actively work in collaboration and in partnership to support the children/young people to reach the desired outcomes".

Madeline Tompkins - Contracts Officer

Describe your partnership with CCP and how they support your organisation

The relationship between Swindon and CCP is relatively new, I have worked with them previously in another authority and have always found them to be accommodating and transparent in the way they work. My experience both past and present is one of trust and understanding and where there are concerns these are listened to and addressed quickly and efficiently from both CCP and SBC. They will always go above and beyond to help find a safe and supportive environment for the Young people we want to accommodate