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QuoLux™ is a world-leading digital learning, blended learning and in-person leadership development company, with a purpose to #InspireBelief within leaders at all levels in organisations. QuoLux™ enables leaders to acquire the skills and develop their confidence to become the best they can be and in turn to coach and develop people in their organisations to be the best they can be.

QuoLux™ is a family business with offices in Gloucestershire and Salvador, Brazil. All our facilitators are qualified coaches with a wealth of experience in successfully leading and growing businesses in home, international and online markets. We work with CEOs, Managing Directors, Board directors, senior managers and middle managers, right the way through to people in first-line management roles. We help leaders to develop their organisations and leadership at all levels to introduce a shared language and consistent approach. Our flagship leadership development program is LEAD™.


At QuoLux™, it is a privilege to work alongside a selfless leader such as Cordell. He has listened to others, taken out key learning for himself & CCP then applied that to himself and the organisation to make a difference and become a better leader.
It is his words that chime loudest and should be heard:
"One of the many great benefits of QuoLux™ & LEAD™ is the relentless focus placed on coaching. I have found this to be really beneficial in my Leadership role, but better, watching my colleagues develop critical and solution focused thinking whilst being coached. It’s a true art form, one that must be practised but is transformational. LEAD™ has elevated me to a greater level of leadership confidence than I could have imagined. Being a more confident leader is better for me and better for the company as a whole. I have the benefit of Gareth being on LEAD™ and others on our in-house program. I have people to share learning with, develop ideas & ultimately to speak a common language."

Cordell Ray MBE - CEO

How did you come across CCP?

We were introduced to Cordell by the CEO of Gloucestershire Counselling Services as she believed we could help Cordell and CCP to develop and grow.

Describe how you have supported CCP in 2020-21

Cordell Ray MBE, CEO and Gareth Edwards, COO have both been delegates on the QuoLux™ LEAD™ program. We have worked with them in-person and on-line during the pandemic. We have supported in reviewing and reconstructing their business plan including agreeing the Mission, Purpose and Vision and the focus on their target markets to operate within. We have supported them as they lead change after winning new contracts which more than doubled the size of CCP. We have coached them acted as confidants and sounding boards as they worked through key matters. We have watched as they have developed their self-belief and confidence as leaders.

Additionally, we have created a bespoke leadership development program for some of their key management team. This is a blended program combining online self-directed learning plus facilitation to draw out key learning points and action points to implement positive change. This will enable further development of the organisation in a consistent manner.