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Herefordshire Council

The County Plan 2020-24 sets out the council’s ambitions for the next four years.

We want to respect the county’s past whilst shaping its future by:

Improving the sustainability, connectivity and wellbeing of our county by strengthening our communities.
Creating a thriving local economy.
Protecting and enhancing our environment.


The accommodation based and community outreach support service provide valuable opportunties for vulnerable people in Herefordshire, over the age of 18. The service supports customers to turn their lives around through an accommodation offer, with a 24 hour support service, so that vulnerable people can gain the confidence and skills they require to successfully live independently, through jointly developed individual tailored support plans and opportunities to access education, training and employment. The Community Outreach Service contributes to homeless prevention in Herefordshire supporting customers to maintain or obtain suitable accommodation.

Christa Jackson

Describe your partnership with CCP and how they support your organisation

CCP is commissioned to deliver a supported accommodation based service and community outreach support service for vulnerable residents aged over 18 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The services supporting working towards successful independent living and maintaining existing accommodation.