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Bamboo Technology Group Limited

Bamboo Technology Group is a national ICT managed service provider, with an international footprint in software solutions.
Established in 1998 Bamboo maintains it’s local heritage with it’s head office in the heart of the burgeoning cyber community within Gloucester College.
Economic and social value is embedded in the company purpose with the team constantly seeking to bring the advantages of technology to life for business.
Healthcare and Justice sector work is at the heart of Bamboo’s purpose but the business drives improvement across all industries by offering consultation, implementation, delivery and support of the full suite of ICT services. Enveloped by a self imposed digital transformation and information security obligation Bamboo takes its clients data and digital asset protection seriously. Every business needs a service provider that delivers the right technology and the cyber and compliance support and solutions to help them connect and grow.

CCP plays an important part in the county's responsibility to serve all its residents. The last 18 months has created an even bigger divide between the wealthy and the communities that endure constant hardship and we recognise that it's a challenge that no one company or charity can tackle alone. If we can do our bit we will, and CCP has become an important and enjoyable part of our annual commitment to support those whose challenges are different to ours.

Lorrin White, CEO

How did you come across CCP?

CCP used to be located across the road from our previous office. Their approach to us was part of their local campaigning and it became a very easy addition to our existing fundraising and community support activities.

Describe how you have supported CCP in 2020-21

Bamboo’s team look forward to the festive period when they always embrace the opportunity to take part in the Hamper Scamper, collect food and gift donations for CCP. The bit we love the most though is being on site with CCP to help with wrapping and logistics of delivery preparation.